Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2006
Picture: Building a sustainable future.


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Key Performance Indicators and 2007 Targets

Icon: Key Performance Indicators and 2007 Targets

2007 Targets

Health and Safety

  • Reduce UK accidents by 10% in 2007 in line with HBF Action Plan targets
  • Focus on further developing our UK health and safety training for international workers


  • Reduce UK tonnage of waste per plot by a further 5% in 2007
  • Continue to work on maximising the energy efficiency specifications of George Wimpey UK's new preferred house type range

Supply Chain Management

  • Review our existing Green Procurement Policy and how we deliver this policy through the supply chain
  • Develop a mechanism for supplier environmental awards to be launched in 2008

Building Sustainable Communities

  • Build our first 212 homes under the English Partnerships First Time Buyers' Initiative
  • Build an increasing number of G2 affordable homes for key workers and first time buyers


  • Introduce a graduate training scheme in the US and double the number of individuals entering the UK graduate scheme
  • Continually reduce annual employee turnover in the UK and US

Customer Care

  • Continue to focus on improving UK customer satisfaction scores and standards of customer care
  • Focus on the recruitment, retention and training of Morrison Homes employees whose work contributes to customer care

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