Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2006
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Building Sustainable Communities

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Oxley Park

Map showing the location of oxley park.

Award winning sustainable homes

Milton Keynes

During 2005 we were awarded Oxley Park, one of ten sites offered as part of the prestigious Design for Manufacture competition. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and English Partnerships challenged housebuilders to build sustainable, well-designed and good quality homes for a construction cost of £60,000. George Wimpey South Midlands started construction on the site in Milton Keynes in 2006. Of the 145 homes, 56 will be built for the construction cost of £60,000 and 43 will be affordable homes.

  • Working in partnership with internationally acclaimed architects the Richard Rogers Partnership ensures exceptional and innovative design.
  • The design focuses on creating a 'place for people' with a strong sense of character and identity throughout the public and private spaces.
  • The home design includes a renewable energy source in the form of an 'EcoHat' that provides passive solar air warming, cooling and ventilation. Homeowners will also have the option of solar water heating.
  • Homes are expected to achieve at least a 'very good' EcoHomes rating as well as the maximum NHER (National Home Energy Rating) of ten.
  • Water butts will reduce water consumption, as will the installation of water efficient taps and cisterns. Oxley Park will also use a Sustainable Urban Drainage System.
  • Entrances and streets will be well lit and overlooked to maximise safety and the plans follow Secured by Design principles. The streets are designed to be pedestrian and cycle friendly with restricted car parking.
  • Trees, landscaping and communal gardens will provide green spaces for residents to enjoy.
  • Modern Methods of Construction and precision engineering contribute to the high quality design and cost effectiveness.
  • Oxley Park will be Lifetime Homes compliant, championing accessibility and flexibility of design so that each home can adapt to its owners' requirements now and in the future.
  • Innovative separation of 'service zones' (bathrooms, utility rooms, stairs etc.) from 'living zones' in each home increases the volume of liveable space and helps to maximise the use of light and space.
  • The scheme responds to the Government's demands for sustainability and more innovative and imaginative affordable housing.
Comment on community

"As one of the winners of our Design for Manufacture competition, George Wimpey has helped make it easier for people to afford high quality, environmentally sustainable new homes."

Trevor Beattie, Director for the Southern Region, English Partnerships

"Our collaboration with George Wimpey at Oxley Park demonstrates a fresh approach to housebuilding in the UK. We believe that this not only meets the Government's challenge, through the Design for Manufacture Competition, to improve the design of homes without inflating prices, but also clearly demonstrates that sustainable housing - with significant reductions in the carbon footprints of individual properties - can be achieved."

Lord Rogers
Chairman, Richard Rogers Partnership

Example of
  • Award winning innovative design
  • Affordable housing
  • EcoHomes
  • Renewable energy
  • Water efficient
  • Secured by Design
  • Lifetime Homes
  • Modern Methods of Construction
Artists' impression of Oxley Park. Plan of Oxley Park.

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