Corporate Social Responsibility Interactive Report

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Securing our future

The chairmen - John Robinson (Chairman) and Peter Johnson (Chief Executive)
Left to right:
John Robinson & Peter Johnson

We take our duty to behave responsibly very seriously and the highest standards of ethics and governance continue to underpin our approach.


As promised in last year's report, during 2004 the CSR Committee developed a clear CSR framework for our business.This framework helps to reinforce our business units' understanding of what it means to be 'a responsible housebuilder' by clearly identifying the aims and priorities in each of the six key areas of focus.The Committee has also been responsible for making sure our CSR activities continue to make sound business sense for our shareholders. We are working hard to ensure that the practices and policies set out in this report meet the challenges of sustainable development. We are doing this not because we have to but because we believe it is right.We also believe that by doing so we will make George Wimpey a stronger and better Company.

We remain committed to transparent reporting of our CSR activities and since our first report was published in 2003 we have clearly identified our key performance indicators for both the UK and US businesses. Continuous monitoring, review and improvement are vital if we are to achieve our targets. For the first time this year we are able to provide comparable data to demonstrate our progress.Throughout the report we also highlight some of our major achievements and new developments during the year and set our targets for 2005.


We strive to be a responsive Company and to engage with a wide range of stakeholders as we develop our plans for the future. We would therefore welcome your feedback on this report.

Whilst we are delighted with the progress being made across our businesses,we recognise that there is still much work to be done but we believe we will continue to build on our CSR achievements in the coming year.



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