Corporate Social Responsibility Interactive Report

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Our Aim To provide fulfilling and rewarding careers or contracts for our employees and sub-contractors
Our Priorities
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Treatment of staff and sub-contractors
  • Training and development
  • Fair pay and benefits
  • Tackling skills shortages
  • Employee consultation
2004 KPI Measurements UK Business
  • 62% of staff rate George Wimpey UK above average or one of the best companies they know or have worked for
  • 20% staff turnover

US Business
  • 83% of staff think that Morrison Homes is a great place to work
  • 33% staff turnover
  • 29 - the average number of hours of training received per person

We focus on investing in our employees and developing their potential. Employees are our most valuable resource and they are a fundamental part of our continuing business success.

The George Wimpey UK Code of Business Conduct and the Morrison Homes' Company Policy Manual set out how we aim to treat staff and sub-contractors. We have strict equal opportunities policies and strive to maintain a beneficial working environment. We regularly revise procedures to comply with legislation such as the UK Human Rights Act 1998 and we endorse the United Nation's Declaration of Human Rights.

A high percentage of the people we recruit come from our local communities.

george wimpey uk

  • We have introduced a CD-ROM to support the new employee induction process, enabling starters to familiarise themselves more quickly with George Wimpey UK.
  • Our Employment Manual, posted on the intranet, covers all aspects of human resources while our Employee Handbook provides guidance for staff.
  • Every two years, the Work Foundation conducts a confidential and independent staff satisfaction survey on our behalf.
  • We provide training and development programmes for all employees and we monitor and review the training we offer. Our internal award schemes reward best practice.
  • We run a number of schemes to encourage new recruits into the housebuilding industry and to tackle skills shortages. These involve apprentices, management trainees and graduates.
  • We seek to provide fair pay and comprehensive benefits for all of our staff and each year we send a detailed and personalised Benefits Statement to all salaried staff.
  • Our Employee Assistance Programme provides access to two external organisations that assist with confidential counselling and offer advice relating to work concerns.
  • Annual appraisals help us to monitor employee performance, identify training needs and establish personal development plans.
  • Ongoing consultation with industry bodies, housebuilders and other stakeholders helps us to continuously improve our approach to human resources.
  2003 2004
There is a good sense of team working within my team. 73% 74%
I understand the objectives of the UK business. 76% 79%
The training I have received has been useful in my work. 69% 71%
Figures show the percentage of employees who agree or strongly agree with the above questions.

new developments

All of our regional businesses developed new training plans for their employees during 2004.

We extended our graduate scheme to cover technical graduates and set up a bursary with the University of Oxford's Templeton College for their Oxford Executive MBA.

Also in 2004, we reviewed, broadened and relaunched our management training scheme. Our regional businesses now take on at least six new school or college leavers each year as part of this programme. All recruits are given college release to complete relevant formal qualifications. Trainees are recruited for a number of functions and are no longer restricted to site operations.

In addition, we are working with the Construction Industry Training Board and others to develop an appropriate foundation course for our industry. We also provide sponsorship and work placements for Foundation Degree students on Kingston University's Construction Engineering course.

We have recently become a national partner in Business in the Community's Action on Homelessness initiative.

The Apprenticeship Scheme continues to be extended and we now have a total of 406 apprentices across George Wimpey UK.

morrison homes

  • Our Employee Handbook and related company policies describe our approach to human resources and provide guidance for staff.
  • Every year, external consultants conduct a confidential staff satisfaction survey on our behalf.
  • We provide extensive training and development programmes for all employees, including management development and leadership programmes.
  • Our annual internal awards scheme rewards best practice in sales, construction, safety, customer satisfaction and living by our core values.
  • We seek to provide fair pay and comprehensive benefits for all of our staff.
  • Annual performance reviews and an 'open door' policy encourage employees to talk to us. We also survey new recruits and leavers.
  2003 2004
Considering all aspects of my employment experience, I would say Morrison Homes is a great place to work. 83% 83%
I am proud to tell people that I work for Morrison Homes. 91% 91%
I plan to be working for Morrison Homes one year from now. 84% 81%
Figures show the percentage of employees who agree or strongly agree with the above questions.

new developments

A key focus for 2004 and beyond is to attract and retain top talent within Morrison Homes. We have increased our training to 28.8 hours per employee and are continuing to concentrate on other ways to improve staff satisfaction and development.

As part of this initiative,we launched the Morrison Homes University in 2004.The virtual university will provide a new curriculum of courses for management and other employees.

We also undertook a comparison of benefits offered by Morrison Homes, other large housebuilders and Fortune 500 companies.We are satisfied that the benefits we offer are above the industry average.

Other employee initiatives during 2004 included adding an interactive dimension to our annual performance appraisal to improve its effectiveness.


George Wimpey UK targets for 2005 are to increase investment in employee training and development, and to introduce improved employee consultation procedures.

In the US,we will roll out our new Morrison Homes University and continue to develop training and development programmes to enhance the curriculum.

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