Corporate Social Responsibility Interactive Report

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Our Progress

Health And Safety UK
  • Revised and developed comprehensive trade risk assessments for key activities.
  • Audited 350 forklift truck drivers for competence and safe operation.
  • Launched a major national safety awareness campaign for sub-contractors.
  • Expand new sub-contractor safety awareness campaign throughout the UK.
  • Achieve British Safety Council accreditation.
  • Implemented improved Fall Protection Programmes in conjunction with sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • Raised awareness and improved our accident reporting system.
  • Required every new builder to attend OSHA course and offered course to sub-contractors.
  • Initiate programme for an Annual Safety Audit for every Division.
  • Introduce a national safety award scheme.
Environment UK
  • Undertook a pilot sustainability survey of major suppliers.
  • Produced a full gap and cost benefit analysis of ISO14001.
  • Conducted a waste management audit of our UK operations and arranged for all waste plasterboard to be recycled.
  • Conduct a sustainability survey of the remainder of our suppliers.
  • Achieve ISO14001 certification.
  • Two Divisions received Energy Star accreditation for building energy efficient homes.
  • Received an Energy Efficiency Award for zero energy homes in California.
  • Introduced a grey water recycling system in Tampa, Florida.
  • Conversion of all new homes to Freon-free HVAC systems within the next two years.
Community GROUP
  • Developed a Construction Code of Practice.
  • 1,428 UK homes received Considerate Constructors Scheme accreditation.
  • Became a partner in Business in the Community's Business Action on Homelessness programme.
  • Develop a consistent community consultation process during planning applications.
  • Improve community interaction across all sites with the new Construction Code of Practice.
Employees UK
  • Completed our second staff satisfaction survey.
  • Extended our graduate scheme and relaunched management training scheme.
  • Extended our Employee Assistance Programme to offer advice from Public Concern at Work.
  • Increase investment in employee training and development.
  • Introduce improved employee consultation procedures.
  • Completed the Morrison Homes annual staff satisfaction survey.
  • Established the virtual Morrison Homes University.
  • Undertook a comprehensive comparison of staff benefits provided by competitors.
  • Roll out new curriculum for Morrison Homes University.
  • Continue to enhance training and development programmes.
Customer Care UK
  • All UK employees took part in Growing Wiser, a new customer care training initiative.
  • Enhanced our customer care monitoring system.
  • Received more Quality Awards than any other housebuilder in the National House Building Council's Pride in the Job Awards.
  • Train sub-contractors and suppliers in the Growing Wiser customer care initiative.
  • Understand the root causes of escalated customer complaints.
  • Introduced a new Customer Communication Management System.
  • Updated and expanded the Morrison Homes website.
  • Introduced Keeping the Value training for employees.
  • Continue to enhance our Customer Communication Management System.
  • Initiate programmes to better serve all ethnic groups.
  • Explored CSR-related supply chain issues, defined the criteria for decision making, highlighted best practice and set targets for 2005.
  • Introduce Supply Chain Management as a new section in our 2005 CSR Report and begin measuring against targets.

Awards Logo
  • NHBC Pride in the Job Awards - 61 Quality, 17 Top 100 Seal of Excellence, one Regional Award
  • Building for Life partnership - Gold Award
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme - Gold Award
  • Shortlisted for the Deputy Prime Minister's Award for Sustainable Communities
  • Daily Mail Greenleaf Housing Awards - English Partnerships Award and Design for Homes Award
  • Evening Standard New Homes Award - Best New Family Home Awards in two categories
  • What House Awards - Silver in Best House and Bronze in Best Volume Housebuilder categories
  • MAME Awards (Building Industry Association of Superior California) - Energy Efficiency Award
  • Laurel Awards (Florida) - Winner of Sales Manager of Year, Site Agent of Year and Best Website
  • MAX Awards (Texas) - Winners of Best Construction Superintendent and Best Website Volume Builder
  • For the second consecutive year, Professional Builder magazine named Morrison Homes one of the 101 Best Companies to Work For

Major awards won 2004

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